The Difference Between

Dog Behavior Modification & Dog Obedience Training

Jumping up, pulling on the lead, biting, mouthing, nipping, inappropriate toileting, aggression towards dogs, food aggression, aggression towards family members, pack aggression, stranger aggression, fear aggression, inattentiveness (dogs that won’t listen), poor recall (dogs that won’t come back when called), destructive behaviors, chasing cats, horses and livestock, over exuberance, nuisance barking, crying, yelping, howling, separation anxiety, digging, escaping, chewing, hyperactivity, item obsession, phobias or general disobedience.

Whatever your dog training requirements are, rest assured that our Bark Busters dog trainers can deal with any problem. Any dog, any age, whatever the issue, do not despair – Bark Busters can help!


Most behavioral issues are learned based on both experiences and environment. That’s why in-home dog training is so effective because this is where most behavioral issues occur because it’s where your dog feels the safest. Because your dog can’t speak English and you can’t “speak dog” many miscommunications occur. Bark Busters can teach you how to communicate with your dog in a language he understands.


After our first session with Damon, we started seeing immediate results with the way our dog was responding to us. He was no longer jumping on me, not being as demanding, and his demeanor began […]

Courtney | Pflugerville, Travis

Damon is an outstanding dog trainer. The insight and advice he offered has had immediate results on our dogs, even after the first day, and we feel very good about the plan moving forward. His […]

Cass | Round Rock, Williamson

Damon is such a wealth of knowledge. He gave us clear, tangible tips on how to correct sibling rivalry in our home with our 2 dogs. Even after 1 day of implementing his instructions, our dogs have not […]

Courtney | Georgetown, Williamson

Damon is such a wealth of knowledge. He gave us clear, tangible tips on how to correct sibling rivalry in our home with our 2 dogs. Even after 1 day of implementing his instructions, our dogs have not […]

Courtney | Georgetown, Williamson

Damon was so kind and thoughtful. He gave us lots of information to better understand how our dogs are responding to us, and tools to work through various situations we're dealing with. The approach […]

Cassandra | Austin

I had the great opportunity to work with Damon from Bark Busters to help with my dog Tobi with training. Damon is a really great instructor with clear communication and very informative. The session […]

Omar | Austin, Travis

Our first visit went VERY well. I look forward to putting to work all the commands and the structure for Dudley Pup. […]

Ruth | Georgetown

Very good start! Sunday & two days later seeing progress. […]

Theresa | AUSTIN

Very good training. Instant results. From the dogs point of view. […]

James | Austin, Travis

Very good training. Instant results. From the dogs point of view. […]

James | Austin, Travis

Very good training. Instant results. From the dogs point of view. […]

James | Austin, Travis

My two dogs had an immediate same-day response to the training that's only gotten better with practice. The guidelines have been so helpful that my Australian Shepherd mix's separation anxiety has […]

Lexie | Jarrell, Williamson

We have only had our first visit with Damon and it was less than 24 hours ago. I was at the end of my rope with one my dogs aggression towards the others and wasn't sure what we were going to have to […]

Stephanie | Bastrop

Damon spent an afternoon with my wife and me - so much good information shared that we are able to use immediately - and the tips and advice helped with immediate behavior change for our 9 yr. old […]

Marty | Georgetown

Damon was a pleasure to work with. After our first session, we immediately noticed improvements with our Golden Retriever puppy. We look forward to working with Damon further! […]

Nate | Pflugerville, Travis

We have seen great improvements even after the first meeting! Significantly less barking, jumping, and entrance/exits. […]

Olivia | Georgetown, Williamson

Our first lesson was amazing as it produced great results […]

Sandra | Georgetown

Damon is absolutely amazing! He spent enough time with me to teach me how to handle Jasmine, my exuberant labradoodle. I recommend him to anyone who is in need of dog training lessons. You will not […]

Laurie | Round Rock

We had a great training session with Damon coming to our home a little over a week ago! He was patient and took time to explain Milo's behavior (barking at and jumping up on guests) and how we can […]

Megan | Austin, Travis

We really enjoyed having Damon at our home. He was knowledgeable and very patient with us and our pups. He took the time to listen to all our concerns and explain the best training process for our […]

Selma | Pflugerville, Travis

We were amazed by the immediate results. It really gives us hope, that with consistency, she can become a confident dog. […]

Gina | Austin, Travis

Damon is great! Me and my boyfriend adopted Sophie from the animal center. Her main issues were leash pulling and aggression towards other animals but we still wanted to give her a chance as she’s […]

Erin | Austin, Williamson

Damon was really great at helping Bella and I get started with her training. Bella is a boxer/retriever with some pit bull in her. She is strong and liked to pull me around everywhere when on leash. […]

Lee | Georgetown

Damon is an excellent trainer; he explained the training well and provided good tips to communicate with our puppy based on his observations in the first session. I saw a difference within a week. I […]

Nanda | Pflugerville, Travis

The trainer was awesome in directing me how to manage my dog's problems. Day #1 I could already see an improvement in my dog's behavior. I am truly encouraged! […]

Doris | TEMPLE

Damon was great. He explained the program to us very nicely and helped us understand how to better communicate with our puppy. We are already seeing great improvement in Sandy's behavior. […]

Ana | Round Rock, Williamson

Wonderful experience! Damon is a dog whisperer. It’s amazing how quickly he got Piper to respond and teach us how to be the alphas. So glad we joined the Bark Buster program. […]

Lyn | Georgetown, Williamson

PHENOMENAL first session! I was just amazed at the progress we made,! Had I not been there I don't think I would've believed it. We are continuing to make progress and feel very comfortable that […]

KELLY | Liberty Hill, Williamson

Damon is great. My husband and I learned so much. Damon explained to us about certain behaviors and what they mean. It's only been one day and we are already seeing improvements. We still have a […]

Tanya | Round Rock

Damon was fantastic! He was very knowledgeable and gave us great training methods and exercises to use with our two dogs to help get them to be the best pups possible. […]

Ben | Austin, Travis

Damon has been amazing. We saw a difference in our rescue pup five minutes after he walked in the door. Since then, Damon has been available for to review or help us work on new things. We learned […]

Aaron | Austin, Williamson

Damon is an excellent trainer. As soon as Damon came through my door, he recognized part of Bella's issues and was very gentle and quieted her down. Damon took his time and explained in detail our […]

Sylvia | Round Rock

We are soo thankful for Damon and his extensive knowledge and expertise regarding dog behavior, and how to best go about training our dog! We also really love Bark Buster’s approach to training, […]

Lauren | Manor

We are very pleased with the things Damon taught us about our dogs and how to communicate with them. We saw immediate results and understand how easy it is to keep them happy and under control. We […]

Sheri | Round Rock, Williamson

Best training I’ve ever had and highly recommend it to everyone! […]

Jean | Cedar Creek, Bastrop

Excellent service and results […]

Trent | Austin

Damon was very professional and helpful. […]

Ashlie | Austin, Texas

I cannot stress how amazing Damon has been in managing our pack! We brought in two rescues over two months to our established one dog household. It was chaos and challenges. Through Damon we have […]

April | Liberty Hill

Very helpful. I am excited to begin training Commie […]

Alex | Georgetown, Williamson

I can't begin to tell you how well this worked for my dogs. It makes complete sense once you listen to the program. Damon went to work on our stubborn little pup and made a lot of progress in just a […]

Betty | Temple

Damon has been absolutely amazing to work with. His training plan for my rat terrier/ chihuahua mix has been life-saving! Carrot was a rescue pup and wasn't socialized much before we got him. He had a […]

Kimberly | AUSTIN

Damon patiently went over all aspects of Charlie’s environment from food to behaviors and taught me how to speak dog to train Charlie. Things have improved literally overnight. We still have some […]

Lisa | Georgetown, Williamson

We have seen results almost immediately with our active puppy, and we often refer back to the materials Damon provided us. It's nice to know how to interact with Biscuit so he understands us, and we […]

Courtney | Austin

Damon was on time, polite, courteous & very professional. If your looking to get more than you pay for, I highly recommend Damon Britton. I saw progress with every lesson he taught & I was more than […]

johnny | Austin

Loved every minute working with Mr. Britton. Explains everything you need to know easily and isn’t afraid to spend some time with your dog to see some results. […]

Taylor | Georgetown, Williamson

I immediately saw results when Damon was working with Steelo. He made sure i understood before we moved onto the next step. Was a big help. Thank you! […]

cornesia | Round Rock, Williamson

Damon is our current Trainer and we had our meet and greet with him yesterday 4/16/2020. Everything he went over and demonstrated was absolutely amazing. My dog is very new to our family and I did not […]

Michael | Hutto, Williamson

Damon was amazing! We were having problems with our new puppy and once he came in and taught us the basics of "How to speak dog" it was a complete turn around. Our pup now listens and the education […]

Royce | Austin, Travis

Since Lexi is a American Staffordshire Terrier, it was very help to know that Damon is very knowledgeable about breed. Damon was able to identify the good and bad things that I was doing which made […]

Nana | Austin, Travis

Thanks for the great and comprehensive training!! […]

Suzie | Round Rock

Damon was professional and extremely friendly. He was very knowledgeable and was able to quickly assess Augie’s most challenging behaviors. Damon provided us with literature and follow up work for […]

Veronica | Austin, Travis

I learned so much! I can finally walk my dog instead of him walking me! Thank you! […]

Amanda | Round Rock, Williamson

Manny would be a disaster without Damon! He is a totally different dog after our 1st lesson thanks to Bark Busters and Damon. Damon taught me how to be the leader of the pack since Manny was ruling […]

Martin | Round Rock, Williamson

Damon was very helpful and clear about how we needed to communicate with Sona. The techniques were easy to learn and she's been responding well so far. […]

Jaine | Austin, Travis

Damon was very professional. He explained that we had to have rules for Edward, so that he knew what was accepted and what was not. […]

Annette | Georgetown, Williamson

Our dog had a rocky background and we did everything then finally got Nico settled to start with a real trainer. Damon explained things on how to work with Nico. Nico is getting used to the idea of […]

Joanna | Austin

Damon did a terrific job with Kaiser. I had been engaging in behavior which did not show Kaiser who was the leader. In just a few hours, when I altered my behavior, Kaiser recognized the change and […]

Vicki | Round Rock, Williamson

Amazing! Damon zeroed in on our problems and taught us what to do to fix them. Just one day later and the changes are impressive. Really appreciated that he took the time to explain why and how […]

Donna | Manor, Travis

Damon taught us a new and better way to communicate with our dog Sunny. In less than 3 hours, he was able to show us techniques that Sunny really responded to. I wish that I had known about Bark […]

Kelly | Austin, Travis

Damon was so helpful cracking Maddie's code. I understand her so much better now and she started listening better after just the initial visit! I'm looking forward to continuing Maddie's training with […]

Ashley | Austin

Damon was a great help. Jeter’s behavior improved so much in one session. Thank you! […]

Crystal | Austin, Travis

First time dog owner here! I had no clue how dogs are trained until I called Bark Busters and Damon came to help us understand our dog. I was quite surprised how well my dog responded to training. We […]

Melissa | Austin, Travis

Damon is a dedicated trainer who truly values the success of your dog. He helps you understand your dog and the why and how to improve their skills. He leaves you detailed notes to practice […]

Lauren | Austin

I was told how much improvement I would see in Zucy's behavior after just one session, but I remained skeptical. Damon was patient and took the time to explain everything beforehand to ensure I […]

Kari | Round Rock, Williamson

We rescued Tom four months ago. He is a 1.5 year old German Shepherd mix. He spent most of his life in a kennel and showed aggression in certain situations. We have 2 other dogs and things were […]

Marisol | Round Rock, Williamson

Damon was amazing. I'll admit I was skeptical that such a big change could be accomplished in a 3 hour session, but we really do have a brand new dog. I very much appreciate that Damon didn't come in […]

Katlynne | Pflugerville

Our BarkBuster trainer (Damon) was great. He had us identify the problems we wished to correct and by the end had established an approach to begin correcting those problems. He made it clear that he […]

Steve | Liberty Hill

Damon came out to help with a variety of issues with our dogs, the primary one being the addition of a new dog to our family, who our current resident dog did not seem to be entirely accepting of. […]

Rachelle | Round Rock

I chose Bark Busters because I liked their training methods and they had great reviews. Damon, the trainer in our area, came to our house for the initial session and gave a presentation on how Bark […]

Vicky | Georgetown

Great! […]

Ronda | Bastrop

Damon was excellent! He helped me and my wife establish peace with our dogs. One of our rescue dogs, Homer, was not accepting a new dog. We had to keep them separated in our home at all times. […]

David | Austin, Travis

Absolutely amazed at how much my dog has improved on his food aggression just on the second day! […]

Keely | Elgin, Bastrop

Damon trained us (humans) very well! Our dog Kirby has been very responsive in our practice sessions, and we have seen much improvement in her behavior. […]

Jodi | Austin, Travis

Damon and his philosophies were wonderful! The puppy class was so helpful. Learning the basics on how to communicate with your pup and then using that train your pup made so much sense and was […]

Rebecca | Austin, Travis

Thank you, Damon, for your patience with Ali and me. This first experience was certainly enlightening! At just under 5 months old, I was about ready to give up on the puppy training process. […]

Teri | Georgetown, Williamson

Damon provided specific and structured training for our sweet Pippa. He clearly and patiently trained us to be better “pack leaders”. I can’t believe how quickly Pippa responded and how the […]

Melinda | Austin

Damon was a fantastic trainer and was very patient with our pup! […]

Eva | Manor